iTouch = I touch everything


We all make decisions in different ways. Some people act on impulse and buy the blender that can chop up a rake handle while others think, “why in the heck do I need something that blends gardening tools?” Online shopping is huge but more often than not, when I shop for clothes, I have to actually touch each item, something I get picked on for. “No, I’m not petting the shirt.  I just need to make sure that it will feel like PJ’s in the middle of the afternoon and not annoy me.”

The same goes for learning new things – we all have a learning style. Finally, in education there is a strong emphasis on individualized learning! No more “one book fits all.”  With online programs, mobile equipment and newer and better learning products, I for one am celebrating.

And this personalized learning does not represent a new way of thinking, because we have always known this was the right thing to do for students. It does represent a new way of teaching. With today’s technology and quality digital content, the personalization of student learning is at the touch of a finger – my favorite way to shop.

You can find great programs by “Googling” key words or phrases. Try these:

“reading programs for kids, reading strategies, educational games, online games for kids, kids reading games, ucanconnect, or visual learning games.”

Learning is just one touch away.

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