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Fight winter with warm words of encouragement

hot chocolate

Your daughter runs into the room to show you her new project.  It’s lop-sided, made from pipe cleaners, construction paper and something that looks like dryer lint.  You smile and say, “Thanks nice, Honey.”  She looks hurt for a second before whining, “That’s what you always say to us, Mommy.  I thought this castle was better than ‘nice’ this time.”   

Do you ever find yourself lost for words when it comes to congratulating your children?   Are you searching for good, appropriate phrases to use that don’t mislead them on their ability, yet it doesn’t leave them feeling like their effort wasn’t worth it?  

We all bloom when we hear words of praise or affirmation.  Having a variety of these warm words at your fingertips (or on the tip of your tongue) as you’re washing dishes, calling out spelling words or chasing the dog away from the trash might be asking too much.  This list gives you a mug full of kind words you can sprinkle on your children to keep their self-esteem toasty all year round!

Wow   Way to Go   You’re Special   Outstanding   Excellent   Great   Grand   Humungous Effort  Great Job  Good Going  Well Done   Remarkable   Super   Brilliant Thought   Super Cool   Super Duper  You Make a Difference   I Knew You Could Do It   Fantastic   Incredible  Out-Of-This-World   You’re Super   Nice Work   Looking Good   You’re On Top of It    Now You’re Flying   You’re Catching On   Now You Got It    You’re Incredible   You Can Do It    Bravo   Hurrah   You Have A Shining Personality   Congratulations   You’re Fantastic   You’re Improving   Hurray For You   You’re a Joy   You make me feel Happy   Sizzling Good Work   Let’s Try Again   Great Attempt   Dynamite Effort   You’re a Winner   Good For You   You’re Wonderful   I Respect You   You’ll Make It Happen   You’ll Make It   You’re Precious   Great Discovery   You’re Making Progress   Hip, Hip, Hooray    Bingo    Superb   You’re Responsible   Great Work   Spectacular   Marvelous   Terrific   You Really Tried    Astounding Thought   I Like You   Thanks For Caring    Super Job   You’re Sensational   I Like Your Work    Great Idea   A Job Well Done   You Are Fun   You Did It   You Tried Hard   I Trust You   What An Imagination   You’re Important   You’re a Great Friend   I Know You Can Handle It   You’ve Got a Friend   You Did It   You Make Me Laugh   You Brighten My Day   Awesome   Look How Far You’ve Come   You’re Terrific   That’s Correct   You’re a Treasure   That’s the Best   Golden Behavior You’re Growing Up   I Love You    I Respect Your Judgment   You’re On Your Way   Outstanding Performance   Cool Dude    Hurray For You   Super Job   I Knew You Could Do It   Thanks For Caring   Sensational  

         Although children love praise, some are more touchy-feely and like you to put your words into action.   Below are many different, yet simple ways that this can be accomplished.

Hugs    Smiles    Kisses    Special Treats    Rewards    A Gift Hidden in a Backpack   Pat on the Back    Thumbs Up    Brownie Points    Applause    High Five    Cheer    Wink   A Secret Sign   Approving Nod   Wave of the Hand    Blow a Kiss    Pat on the Head    Ruffle Hair    Jumping for Joy    Special Time With Mom    Special Time With Dad   A Note Hidden Under The Pillow   An I.O.U. for an Ice Cream    A Surprise Stop on the Way Home    A Certificate of Accomplishment    Balloons  A Message Taped to a Toothbrush   A Special Bookmark   Draw a Smiling Face on the Mirror   Make Happy–Faced Pancakes  

         You’ll find that your children, once complimented for a short period of time, will start complimenting family members and friends, using some of these same words.  Whichever way you choose to show appreciation to your children, they will love it and will bloom into healthier, happier individuals right before your eyes.